Love your body and bloom through it.

This purse vase ( or handbag vase ) is a symbol for all women. It’s a creation inspired by Ophelia from the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare.
A symbolic young woman that “drowns “ in her everyday routine. For the woman that suffers from domestic violence, for the woman that is assessed in figures  the figure of her weight, the figure of her erotic partners, her age as a number, the age at which she gave birth to her children and how many time she delivered.
Numbers that imprison the woman every single day of her life. The women that have been set aside in our society, understand deeply each other. We, all women are connected with an invisible cord.
We dream of a world where no woman suffers, no woman is faced like a inferior being.

Through sculpture I learn to give a life and aesthetics to my objects. In my creations, the earliest influence came from human nature and freedom.